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Zora Helm Chart

Version: 0.9.2 Type: application AppVersion: v0.9.2

A multi-plugin solution that reports misconfigurations and vulnerabilities by scanning your cluster at scheduled times.

Installing the Chart

To install the chart with the release name zora in zora-system namespace:

helm repo add undistro --force-update
helm repo update undistro
helm upgrade --install zora undistro/zora \
  -n zora-system \
  --version 0.9.2 \
  --create-namespace \
  --wait \
  --set clusterName="$(kubectl config current-context)"

These commands deploy Zora on the Kubernetes cluster with the default configuration.

The Parameters section lists the available parameters that can be configured during installation.


  • List all charts available in undistro repo using helm search repo undistro

  • Update undistro chart repository using helm repo update undistro

  • List all versions available of undistro/zora chart using helm search repo undistro/zora --versions

  • List all releases in a specific namespace using helm list -n zora-system

  • Get the notes provided by zora release using helm get notes zora -n zora-system

Uninstalling the Chart

To uninstall/delete the zora release:

helm uninstall zora -n zora-system

The command removes all the Kubernetes components associated with the chart and deletes the release.


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the Zora chart and their default values.

Key Type Default Description
nameOverride string "" String to partially override fullname template with a string (will prepend the release name)
fullnameOverride string "" String to fully override fullname template with a string
clusterName string "" Cluster name. Should be set by kubectl config current-context.
saas.workspaceID string "" Your SaaS workspace ID
saas.server string "" SaaS server URL
saas.installURL string "{{.Values.saas.server}}/zora/api/v1alpha1/workspaces/{{.Values.saas.workspaceID}}/helmreleases" SaaS URL template to notify installation
hooks.install.image.repository string "curlimages/curl" Post-install hook image repository
hooks.install.image.tag string "8.7.1" Post-install hook image tag
hooks.delete.image.repository string "rancher/kubectl" Pre-delete hook image repository
hooks.delete.image.tag string "v1.29.2" Pre-delete hook image tag
imageCredentials.create bool false Specifies whether the secret should be created by providing credentials
imageCredentials.registry string "" Docker registry host
imageCredentials.username string "" Docker registry username
imageCredentials.password string "" Docker registry password
imagePullSecrets list [] Specify docker-registry secret names as an array to be used when imageCredentials.create is false
operator.replicaCount int 1 Number of replicas desired of Zora operator
operator.image.repository string "" Zora operator image repository
operator.image.tag string "" Overrides the image tag whose default is the chart appVersion
operator.image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" Image pull policy
operator.rbac.create bool true Specifies whether ClusterRoles and ClusterRoleBindings should be created
operator.rbac.serviceAccount.create bool true Specifies whether a service account should be created
operator.rbac.serviceAccount.annotations object {} Annotations to be added to service account string "" The name of the service account to use. If not set and create is true, a name is generated using the fullname template
operator.podAnnotations object {"":"manager"} Annotations to be added to pods
operator.podSecurityContext object {"runAsNonRoot":true} Security Context to add to the pod
operator.securityContext object {"allowPrivilegeEscalation":false,"readOnlyRootFilesystem":true} Security Context to add to manager container
operator.metricsService.type string "ClusterIP" Type of metrics service
operator.metricsService.port int 8443 Port of metrics service
operator.serviceMonitor.enabled bool false Specifies whether a Prometheus ServiceMonitor should be enabled
operator.resources object {"limits":{"cpu":"500m","memory":"128Mi"},"requests":{"cpu":"10m","memory":"64Mi"}} Resources to add to manager container
operator.rbacProxy.image.repository string "" kube-rbac-proxy image repository
operator.rbacProxy.image.tag string "v0.15.0" kube-rbac-proxy image tag
operator.rbacProxy.image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" Image pull policy
operator.rbacProxy.securityContext object {"allowPrivilegeEscalation":false,"capabilities":{"drop":["ALL"]},"readOnlyRootFilesystem":true} Security Context to add to kube-rbac-proxy container
operator.rbacProxy.resources object {"limits":{"cpu":"500m","memory":"128Mi"},"requests":{"cpu":"5m","memory":"64Mi"}} Resources to add to kube-rbac-proxy container
operator.nodeSelector object {} Node selection to constrain a Pod to only be able to run on particular Node(s)
operator.tolerations list [] Tolerations for pod assignment
operator.affinity object {} Map of node/pod affinities
operator.log.encoding string "json" Log encoding (one of 'json' or 'console')
operator.log.level string "info" Log level to configure the verbosity of logging. Can be one of 'debug', 'info', 'error', or any integer value > 0 which corresponds to custom debug levels of increasing verbosity
operator.log.stacktraceLevel string "error" Log level at and above which stacktraces are captured (one of 'info', 'error' or 'panic')
operator.log.timeEncoding string "rfc3339" Log time encoding (one of 'epoch', 'millis', 'nano', 'iso8601', 'rfc3339' or 'rfc3339nano')
operator.webhook.enabled bool true Specifies whether webhook server is enabled
scan.misconfiguration.enabled bool true Specifies whether misconfiguration scan is enabled
scan.misconfiguration.schedule string Cron expression for every hour at the current minute + 5 minutes Cluster scan schedule in Cron format for misconfiguration scan
scan.misconfiguration.successfulScansHistoryLimit int 1 The number of successful finished scans and their issues to retain.
scan.misconfiguration.plugins list ["marvin","popeye"] Misconfiguration scanners plugins
scan.vulnerability.enabled bool true Specifies whether vulnerability scan is enabled
scan.vulnerability.schedule string Cron expression for every day at the current hour and minute + 5 minutes Cluster scan schedule in Cron format for vulnerability scan
scan.vulnerability.successfulScansHistoryLimit int 1 The number of successful finished scans and their issues to retain.
scan.vulnerability.plugins list ["trivy"] Vulnerability scanners plugins
scan.worker.image.repository string "" worker image repository
scan.worker.image.tag string "" Overrides the image tag whose default is the chart appVersion
scan.plugins.annotations object {} Annotations added to the plugin service account
scan.plugins.marvin.resources object {"limits":{"cpu":"500m","memory":"500Mi"},"requests":{"cpu":"250m","memory":"256Mi"}} Resources to add to marvin container
scan.plugins.marvin.podAnnotations object {} Annotations added to the marvin pods
scan.plugins.marvin.image.repository string "" marvin plugin image repository
scan.plugins.marvin.image.tag string "v0.2.3" marvin plugin image tag
scan.plugins.marvin.image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" Image pull policy
scan.plugins.marvin.env list [] List of environment variables to set in marvin container.
scan.plugins.marvin.envFrom list [] List of sources to populate environment variables in marvin container.
scan.plugins.trivy.ignoreUnfixed bool false Specifies whether only fixed vulnerabilities should be reported
scan.plugins.trivy.ignoreDescriptions bool false Specifies whether vulnerability descriptions should be ignored
scan.plugins.trivy.resources object {} Resources to add to trivy container
scan.plugins.trivy.podAnnotations object {} Annotations added to the trivy pods
scan.plugins.trivy.image.repository string "" trivy plugin image repository
scan.plugins.trivy.image.tag float 0.51 trivy plugin image tag
scan.plugins.trivy.image.pullPolicy string "Always" Image pull policy
scan.plugins.trivy.env list [] List of environment variables to set in trivy container.
scan.plugins.trivy.envFrom list [] List of sources to populate environment variables in trivy container.
scan.plugins.trivy.timeout string "10m" Trivy timeout
scan.plugins.trivy.insecure bool false Allow insecure server connections for Trivy
scan.plugins.trivy.persistence.enabled bool true Specifies whether Trivy vulnerabilities database should be persisted between the scans, using PersistentVolumeClaim
scan.plugins.trivy.persistence.fsGroup int 0 Specifies the fsGroup to use when mounting the persistent volume
scan.plugins.trivy.persistence.accessMode string "ReadWriteOnce" Persistence access mode
scan.plugins.trivy.persistence.storageClass string "" Persistence storage class. Set to empty for default storage class
scan.plugins.trivy.persistence.storageRequest string "1Gi" Persistence storage size
scan.plugins.trivy.persistence.downloadJavaDB bool false Specifies whether Java vulnerability database should be downloaded on helm install/upgrade
scan.plugins.popeye.skipInternalResources bool false Specifies whether the following resources should be skipped by popeye scans. 1. resources from kube-system, kube-public and kube-node-lease namespaces; 2. kubernetes system reserved RBAC (prefixed with system:); 3. kube-root-ca.crt configmaps; 4. default namespace; 5. default serviceaccounts; 6. Helm secrets (prefixed with sh.helm.release); 7. Zora components. See popeye configuration file that is used for this case:
scan.plugins.popeye.resources object {"limits":{"cpu":"500m","memory":"500Mi"},"requests":{"cpu":"250m","memory":"256Mi"}} Resources to add to popeye container
scan.plugins.popeye.podAnnotations object {} Annotations added to the popeye pods
scan.plugins.popeye.image.repository string "" popeye plugin image repository
scan.plugins.popeye.image.tag float 0.21 popeye plugin image tag
scan.plugins.popeye.image.pullPolicy string "Always" Image pull policy
scan.plugins.popeye.env list [] List of environment variables to set in popeye container.
scan.plugins.popeye.envFrom list [] List of sources to populate environment variables in popeye container.
kubexnsImage.repository string "" kubexns image repository
kubexnsImage.tag string "v0.1.4" kubexns image tag
customChecksConfigMap string "zora-custom-checks" Custom checks ConfigMap name
httpsProxy string "" HTTPS proxy URL
noProxy string "kubernetes.default.svc.*,,localhost" Comma-separated list of URL patterns to be excluded from going through the proxy
updateCRDs bool true for upgrades Specifies whether CRDs should be updated by operator at startup

Specify each parameter using the --set key=value[,key=value] argument to helm install. For example,

helm install zora \
  --set operator.resources.limits.memory=256Mi undistro/zora

Alternatively, a YAML file that specifies the values for the parameters can be provided while installing the chart. For example,

helm install zora -f values.yaml undistro/zora

Tip: You can use the default values.yaml